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Vienna visit

Had it not been for the Park Hyatt bug that bit us in Tokyo last October, we may not have even come to this city and the original plan was only spend one night here before heading to the wedding location. Due to a major planning fail on my part, we ended up leaving Munich a day early and so, extending our stay in Vienna.


So, we were obsessed with the Park Hyatt in Tokyo and when we found out there was a hotel in Vienna, we had to book it!


This building used to house the national bank so has cool gimmicks like the former teller stations are now a restaurant (think massive marble columns in a wide open lobby) and the old vault is now a swimming pool.


While it didn’t quite live up to the expectations we had based on the Tokyo location it was a beautiful hotel and the service was fantastic.

Things to do…

St Stephen’s Church

So many steps!

You can visit the cathedral and go up either of the towers and down into the catacombs. We first went up the shorter north tower, which was something like €12. You travel up by elevator and get to walk around the top of the tower and marvel at the beautiful roof.

Cathedral roof

The taller south tower

Walk, like a lot

Have you seen Google’s timeline feature? It’s cool to track everywhere we’ve been as we’ve been wandering around the various cities in Europe

Day One

Day 1

Day Two

Day 2

Food and Drink

Restaurant Ofenloch

This place had some legit delicious Viennese food. I ordered “Wiener Schnitzel” of veal which is different to the pork schnitzel I’ve eaten every other time I’ve eaten it.


Hard Rock Cafe – Vienna

Number 53!!!!

Hard Rock – Vienna

The Bank

This was probably the least impressive meal I ate. The service here was slow, although very friendly, it seemed like our waiter was spread a little thin. We ordered the chef’s tasting menu and it’s was good but not amazing. The atmosphere was beautiful you should go here just to enjoy drinks at the bar because it really is a stunning restaurant with all of the marble and crystal.

Hoth da Max

Time for dinner with friends. There were three separate groups from the US traveling either side of the wedding. We met with four others for dinner prior to traveling down to Graz the next day for the wedding. This wasn’t the best for but it was really great company!

Plachutta Wollzeile

This place was so cool! It was recommended by one of our friends and so since we had to pass back throught Graz to catch out flight to Rome, we figured we would stop for lunch and I’m glad we did. While “boiled beef” did not sound one bit appetizing to me, turns out that I enjoyed it.


You pick the cuts you want and they’re served to you in a copper pot with a brothy soup. You also get schwatzbrot to spread the bone marrow onto and some accompaniments, apple sauce, horseradish, a vegetable and fried potatoes.

The Quest for the World’s Greatest Doner Kebab

No kababs were eaten in Vienna but no fear, we resolved that in Graz!

In summary, I loved Vienna. It was a beautiful city, clean and rich in history and would come here again… after I’ve visited all of the other places on my list!