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We’re back!

“Why so soon”, I hear you ask? Well if you found $500 round trip airfare to Munich, you’d probably come back too and I’m kind of glad we did! For one thing, it’s much nicer exploring a city when being outside is more tolerable. I mean, January in Munich is cold. Not so much in May ☀️. So, fresh off of two international flights, totaling 14 hours travel time we went out to explore Munich in the summertime.


We stayed at the Platzl Hotel located around the corner from Marienplatz, maybe a two minute walk from the S-bahnhof. The trains (S1 and S8) run about every 20 minutes from the Munich airport and take 40 minutes or so and cost a little over €10 each. Note to US travelers, the whole chip and pin thing makes using credit card transactions at self-serve ticket machines a pain, so either use a debit card or pay cash. The alternate is you can buy from a ticket agent, which usually has a long line but is a good option if you do want to use a credit card.

At check in we were informed that the hotel’s air conditioning was being refurbished – summertime seems an ideal time to take care of that work 🙄. Turns out it was fine but we may have used it as a reason to check out a day early and not get stuck with a 90% cancellation fee.

Things to do…

Englischer Garten

This place was an amazing find! Just a short walk from the hotel, this beautiful park was packed with people soaking up the sun, swimming the the park’s streams, and then there’s the bier garten – Hundreds of tables with people enjoying local food and drink. We got a pretzel, currywurst, and wurst mit sauerkraut, all washed down with a liter of beer!

There was some fantastic people watching to be had here, which I suppose is to be expected when there is beer by the liter on a sunny day. We definitely got to witness the security team escorting drunk people out and a hen party throwing radishes from their horse drawn carriage (yep, I’m confused too but it happened). We even made friends with a lovely, pretzel spitting gentleman who gave some great recommendations.

Münchner Stadtmuseum - National Socialism in Munich

“The exhibition presents Munich as the launchpad for the National Socialist movement and the home of Party headquarters. Further themes include the city’s art and festivals, and the way they were harnessed to make the Nazi regime more palatable to the public, and the city’s role as a media location and a venue for arms manufacturing. Munich as a center of persecution and resistance is another focus.” Admission was €7 each which included a free audio tour which worked throughout the entire museum. We breezed through the other exhibits after spending a couple of hours in the national socialism exhibit, which was recommended to us by a friend.

Kirche St. Peter

One of the recommendations from our friend from the park, right off of Marienplatz and some 300+ steps of climbing later St. Peter’s church afforded some amazing views of the city. It was a pretty clear day, so we could even see all the way to the Alps, totally worth the €3 fee.


Need I say more? I think not…

Food and Drink


We had been here before but due to freezing temps we weren’t able to make use of the outside seating during out last visit. It’s a great spot for some classic Bavarian style food and way less busy than Hofbräuhaus, across the way. One of my favorite early moments of this trip was during dinner here, which was also the same time of the Champions League final. The atmosphere in the square was electric, you could hear the hoards of sports fans cheering for their team from every bar.

Pussers painkillers

Famous for their rum fueled cocktail served in a tin cup, this place was a cute spot for a few cocktails. Nothing really special about it but they have a gimmick and they execute it well, it was also kind of nice to take a break from beer and drink something else.

Breakfast on Marienplatz

This place was totally touristy but we got there relatively early and enjoyed breakfast in the square. I loved it, a boiled egg, ham, cheese, breads – my kind of breakfast foods. It took forever for us to get the check; something American’s are accustomed to is having the check dropped at your table towards the end of your meal but in Europe you have to explicitly ask for it, which means there is often a lag between when you finish eating and paying for your food.

Farmer’s market

We spied this place from the top of the church and after that climb we felt we’d earned a beer. Sadly, most of the market was closed but the biergarten sure wasn’t. More steins of beer accompanied by pork knuckle and more wurst with sauerkraut.

Irish pub

I can see you rolling your eyes, “All that way for an Irish pub?”. It was a bar with a patio, where we were able to sit with a beer and watch the world (actually, mostly drunk people) go by.


This was probably the nicest of the beirgartens we went to – more beer was drunk, more food was eaten, a quick comfort stop and we were off to the next place. Knowledge share: the bathrooms in Germany often have attendants, so according to Derrick, it’s not unusual to walk into the bathroom and have a lady cleaning the urinal next to you. Usually, the attendants have €1 and €2 coins in their collection dishes. Don’t be fooled, you only really need to leave a few cents, I’ve been going with 50, although there were a lot of people that never left anything so I guess it’s up to you? 🤷‍ Jury’s still out on that one.

Augustiner Bräustuben

This was the first time I got made to feel like an idiot for attempting to speak German, which I’d valiantly been trying to do all trip, so far. I’m not good but I do try and to be honest, this dude was a class A jerk. Here’s what happened: I walked up to pay for my two beers and he spoke very quickly so I broke out, in my best German, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand” and then he started making fun of me which is easy to tell even when you don’t know the language well. I said, in German that he was speaking too quickly and could he repeat it again. Nope, he just wanted to keep making fun of me so I was stuck there, completely embarrassed and unable to leave since I still didn’t know how much to pay the man until a kind stranger walked by and helped me. Ugh, I’m still furious about how much he got to me 😢.

Anyway, the place itself was massive. You can choose from self-service or waiter service, as is the case with most biergartens and I think this place had a beir hall too. Again, great people watching! This time, a group of Scots that were so drunk one of them could barely stand.

The Quest for the World’s Greatest Doner Kebab

Nothing quite like a doner kebab after a day of drinking. On Derrick’s quest to find the world’s best doner kebab (Munich currently holds the title) we were saddened to find the spot from our last trip was closed. We went to another spot and it was fine, at best. Dry meat, weird bread but after all of the beer food was much needed. We’re holding out hope for Austria, where our friend claims you can get the best one…